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This is the official wiki for the Discord RP, "Something Happened", which takes place in Long Island, 2012 during a mysterious natural apocalypse. During this strange event, the neighborhood of Roachcliffe bands together to survive, however many challenges will face them along the way.


The Rules are very simple, and it's required you follow them.

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  2. Discrimination against anyone for their race, gender, or religion is not allowed.
  3. Do not spam or make shitpost pages on the wiki, please.
  4. Respect all fellow community members and admins alike, please.

Information (Important) Edit

Discord Link:

Character Applications: (TBA)

Roachcliffe Lore:,_Long_Island

These links are all important for the RP.

Current Admins Edit

Theforest04- Founder and current Owner of Something Happened.

Whenworldscollide2- Admin

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